Thursday, November 3, 2011

English @ ALIMKids : 5-9th Dec 2011

English @ ALIMKids Workshop 
With Teacher Nina & Coach Sha (Coaching Zone Sdn Bhd).

  • To encourage children to feel more COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT to USE English especially in speaking the language.
  • To create an English-friendly surrounding to use English.
  • To expose children to Syariah-compliant content and activities.
Lesson Overview & Structure:
Lesson Overview
A central theme is chosen, for example “Rain”. Activities are designed in line with the theme. Students will WRESTLE (write-read-speak-talk-listen) throughout the session.
The content is customized to suit local taste with Islamic touch.

Time Allocation:
Warm Ups : 20 minutes
Lesson-of –the Day : 40 minutes
Readers’ Theatre : 30 minutes
Lap Book Project : 30 minutes
Songs/Nasyid : 20 minutes
Break : 15 minutes
Cool Downs : 15 minutes
Extra Time : 10 minutes

Total : 180 minutes

Introduction to key concept, specific strategies , main topic of the day. Games, competition, group/pair/individual work.

 Lap Book Project
A fantastic hands-on learning tool. Writing, creativity, individual project. Each component focuses on specific aspects of the theme (maths, history, science, general knowledge) Lap book project starts on Day 1.

Readers’ Theatre
Reading, pronunciation, enunciation, intonation, facial expression Students read out loud in groups.

This is not a tuition class. We do not focus on answering exam questions. It is about helping kids enjoy catching English ! The children will be exposed to simple ways to WRESTLE: write, read, speak, talk, listen. Nasyid, songs, games and arts are major components of the program.

About Teacher Nina
Teacher Nina has a degree in B.Ed TESL (Hons). She taught in 3 government schools, SMKA Segamat, SMK Setapak Indah and SMK Pandan Mewah. After 10 years in the government schools, it was time for her to leave due to her love towards her children. She started teaching kindergarten so that she can still teach. Then, it was time to share with the kindy teachers her method of teaching. Her love and passion grew wilder and finally she decided to work with Teacher Azly on English classes, their way! Together, they realize that teaching English the fun way, relaxes their students and make them want to study on their own and practice speaking at home.

About Coach Sha

Coach Sha completed her secondary education in Texas, USA. The only Malaysian in an American high school. She represented her school in Duet Acting, won Best Student for Spanish 1, a member of the National Honor Society. She was a lecturer at UIA Matriculation Centre and taught part-time at UNITEN. Both Sha and her partner, Ridz own CZSB and travel all over Malaysia conducting English and motivation programs for teens and working adults

Date & Time: 5th - 9th Dec, 10am-1pm (5 days workshop)
Age: 8-10 yrs

Address: ALIMKids USJ, 34-2 Jalan USJ 9/5Q, Subang Business Centre, 47620 UEP Subang Jaya.

Fees: RM250 per child + RM50 Registration fee.

Call 03 8024 8664 or email to to register.

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